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Demonbaby Is On Hiatus

With all of the projects I have going on right now, poor Demonbaby has once again been neglected, and today I've decided to put the site on hiatus. Don't worry, it's not forever, but this place was in desperate need of a renovation, and in even more desperate need of new content, and I can't see myself having time for any of that in the near future. With that in mind, I figured I'd rather close it down for a while than have it sit here all lonely and unattended. It'll give me the motivation I need to come back and rebuild it and reinvent it when the time is right.

This month actually marks the three year anniversary of Demonbaby's inception, so it's probably a good time to thank the many loyal readers who made those years here so much fun, and who always came back even when six months went by between posts. This blog started as a joke and eventually became a much-needed diversion - not to mention a perfect way to keep me from forgetting how to string sentences together intelligently in the age of text messaging and brain-eroding internet shorthand. Over the past three years I've only managed to write 46 blog entries, which have run the gamut from preachy self-righteous political rants to stories about diarrhea. Somehow over four million people have read them though, and have left an alarming 4991 comments, most of which say something to the effect of "lol ur gay." I've received death threats, marriage proposals, book deals, and homoerotic sexual advances, all of which I've declined. Actually, I didn't decline the book deal, I just sort of forgot to write the guy back. Hey book guy, if you're still out there, I swear I wasn't ignoring you, it just slipped my mind. Write me again, okay? Anyway, all of that is to say that it's been quite an adventure having this little place, and I look forward to coming back and turning it into something even better.

While the site is on hiatus, I'll still be updating the Mixtape Podcast with quality music selections, and you can stalk my every move and thought on Twitter.

Although I've stripped the site pretty bare, I'm leaving a selection of some of my favorite posts, and some of the most popular ones, so you can re-read them obsessively until I come back. Enjoy!

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